Innovation & User-centered Services

All our research, development, and investment efforts are aligned to offer our customers quality IT services that support the growth and competitiveness of their businesses.

Audit and Assessment for a main player in the Financial Sector

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At CONNECT Professional Services, we work with our customers to address the challenges associated with IT technology deployment.

Cisco UC Infrastructure enables healthcare applications

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System Design

Our end-to-end experience of the technology deployment life cycle allows us to develop integrated design that can maximize performance while supporting high availability, reliability, security, and scalability.

Monitor and Control Subscriber Traffic by deploying Cisco Service Control

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Implementations Services

Our Team has deep experience with the implementation of highly sophisticated projects! Using our Implementation Services, customers can deploy IT solutions in accordance with the validated design and best practices without compromising network availability or business continuity constraints.

Assessment for the network infrastructure of a key player in the Financial sector

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Technical Support

In today’s business model, IT solutions are not just supporting the business processes, rather they drive them all. Accordingly outages in IT systems could cause huge impact to the business productivity and customer confidence.

Reaching maximum physical security through an array of services

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Project Management

At CONNECT Professional Services we believe that successful projects don’t just happen – rather, they must be carefully planned and controlled in order to meet the objectives, on time, within budget and to scope. With this fact in mind, we deliver project management services that combine the fundamental concepts of project management methodologies in addition to our own experience and best practices.

Network Audit & Design review as per Cisco Best Practices

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In today’s business environment organizations are becoming increasingly reliant on turnkey solutions and emerging technologies. As technologies evolve and converge, the technical skills required to implement, integrate and support them are becoming more and more specialized – and less available.

Information Security Services